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FROM CHAOS TO EXCELLENCE Success has a fleeting life and the chaos is on the corner, ready to take over from what is often called a victory. Accelerating change and complexity pose a challenge for organizations pursuing excellence as a principle of development. ACCELERATION OF CHANGE AND COMPLEXITY ‘ Tom Peters is a reference to the works written by R. Waterman In Search of Excellence, which was followed by a second volume entitled “The passion for excellence. These works illustrate a number of key ideas on the direction, essentially based on common sense, reinforced by a series of very specific examples, referring to companies that have been successful. A subsequent search after three years, which occurred more than a third of them had failed. This discovery enabled him to understand that excellence alone is not enough. It ‘requires that companies, managers and staff are able to implement the characteristics of flexibility, of adaptability, opportunism and creativity to enable them to ride the chaos. The word chaos may seem excessive, but was chosen deliberately for its etymological meaning of open, gaping. The word recalls the idea of the primordial state before the biblical creation of the world, and focuses on two trends that many observers seem to agree: a) the acceleration of change and b) the complexity. • First, the acceleration of change. This chan-ges is manifested both within the States, in society, family, organizations, and international levels. We have spoken enough of economic globalization, and is now an irreversible phenomenon. We have gone from a bipolar world to at least a four-pole, where Japan is the third largest and fourth united Europe. Glimpse, however, other centers of influence with which we must cooperate, Korea, India, China and perhaps tomorrow, Brazil. • The second trend concerns the complexity. The world is neither easier nor more difficult than it was a century ago. And the ‘new awareness of this complexity and the need to cope in a world where everything is related to everything. Look for simple solutions to every problem is an illusion now desirable. Understand and live the spirit of the system is an absolute necessity for survival. The company today can be considered as a permanent place of troubleshooting multi-disciplinary (marketing, finance, technology, human, social …). Here is a set of attitudes that allow the case to face and benefit from: • agreeing to step out of their ivory tower; • be prepared to adapt to change; • be flexible, have access to multiple languages; • know how to take risks; • to trust their own ideas and those of others; • be able to translate the negative experiences into opportunities; • make the right to make mistakes; • accept the game of transparency and open doors; • make the team. EXCELLENCE: persistently exceeding Excellence is a quality that has become a principle of management. It ‘necessary to overcome the barriers of expertise and the opening of borders, since by definition of excellence is relative, you can never achieve. What may seem excellent today, in a given context, it is much less in a situation closely and will in the near future or far away. His strength and his weakness is not simply the need for continuous improvement “Today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.” Excellence imposed from above is seen as a critique of the mediocrity and a willingness to blame for a greater commitment of employees. The rediscovery of excellence by each and lived at all levels becomes instead a means to instill in each an entrepreneurial spirit, to turn every employee into an entrepreneur. New is what we do not know, that was not there before, that has changed. He expressed this concept well Heraclitus Do not you ever bathe twice in the same river water, there is one thing that does not change, the change because everything is constantly changing, ourselves, at two different times, we are no longer the same person. The same, at two different times, is no longer the same. THE CONCEPT OF THE NEW The new one is produced continuously by what surrounds us and ourselves. In other words, has become a new theme to fashion from the moment the company and the situation of competition between contractors have stimulated the idea of the market with original ideas and, thanks to new, market needs. What is new for the individual? It is something different. Gordon and Prince, the inventors of Synectics say that our natural attitude toward the news is to look as if we were family, and reconnect to things we already know. Therefore suggest to look at things that are familiar to us as if we were entirely new. What we perceive as new and so what has one or more degrees of difference in relation to something we already know. We can react to the news with indifference, acceptance or rejection. We live it deliberately because we like it, endure it because there’s tax environment, or simply because you are forced by management in which we work. NEW ‘AND RESISTANCE TO CHANGE Let us now discuss the concept of resistance to change, which is a real obstacle they encounter every manager or manager. Another lifestyle change is to create, invent, and it is confronted with the existing creative attitude. By definition, creativity is very focused on innovation. His senses are trained to perceive everything, so to better capture the change and difference. The news that we invent, we want to share. This is the function of the innovators, whether they are generalists (entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, marketing, human resources rigenti-etc.) For which the management of change is one of the tasks, or specialists, for whom ‘ Innovation is the main if not the only mission. In all cases these people will have to stimulate, because innovation can not be imposed. A change is imposed for failure, if not immediately, certainly in the end. In fact, it will produce in their mechanisms of self-sabotage which will ensure that its application is disappointing. TO HELP PROMOTE CHANGE It may stimulate in different ways. For example, make comparisons, but simply the presentation of certain operating results in comparison with what had been done in the past and what we hoped to do. It may simply be a disastrous event. In any case, the innovator will have to be careful that this stimulation is not experienced in the negative, will have to ensure that the positive effects greatly outweigh the negative ones, because if you got the attitude is that of fatalism or hopelessness, has been a failure . It is here to provoke a feeling of revolt against the event and a desire to confront it, to overcome it. Another way of stimulating and encouraging. The encouragement to be revealed by both the Executive Board, as an aid in terms of real and concrete. Yet another way for you to persuade. A communication can enhance well-studied for its novelty, may awaken the curiosity, desires, and getting people to accept change. A creative approach combined with creativity techniques in everyday life are essential for technical innovation. These measures will stimulate and support innovation and rectum among the core values of the organization. One could argue that the CEOs are talking about years of innovation, which is very rare to find a business strategy in which there is no innovation as a key to the success of present and future. These forms of management are completely inadequate. A password becomes a value when it is proven that people who have thrown you believe, that is when their behavior conform to the words. In other words, innovation becomes a key value of the organization when the innovators are recognized and rewarded. From the moment not only permits them to take risks, make mistakes, get out of the beaten track, but also presents them as models to others and not as the marginal utility of which to withstand the forces’ eccentricity. So the innovation itself becomes one of the normal functions. Opening to the world through creativity ‘ The president of a company said in a recent interview, “Who does not have European ambitions, has no ambitions at all.” This sentence seems overly restrictive, because Europe is not a part of the world, open to the rest of the world. The international dimension is part of our daily lives and it would be hard to find a house in Italy where there are no products from three, four or more different countries. The irruption of the world in daily life has not yet been fully integrated in the life of yet this is a necessity, and not just those involved in medium and long term strategies. Setting off in unison with the cultures of the universe is a task made possible by the creativity. In fact, being creative is able to communicate with each other, the other starting and continuing with our colleague, our partner. Being creative is being able to tune in with others and subsequent passages, with the stranger. Getting to this mental flexibility, so it does not require more linear and sequential, but multiple, synchronous, is the challenge that we must win and we face a growing pleasure from the moment they accept a greater share of use of resources of our brain. With the development of acuity of perception, with the overcoming of prejudices that reinforce the ethnocentrism of each of the old European nations, compared with a priori to all that is new and different, a man is born again that, while reaffirming its national or regional culture, you know not only accept and respect the culture of others, but also find in it an endless source of enrichment. In addition, the ability to relate to the cultures of past and present to create a remedy for those of the future is virtually indispensable to reduce the stress of modern man. A NEW STYLE OF MANAGEMENT The introduction of creativity in organizations is closely related to a new style of leadership. The many books published recently on this issue have in common is what is called the inverted pyramid. In other words, the classical hierarchical scheme that provides up to the Summit of the man credited with the possession of knowledge, giving orders, relayed by the gears at the base of the hierarchy that must implement it passed or are being rapidly overcome even in more traditional organizations. In the new organization is now implemented the matrix management, directional pattern in which an increasing number of people is connected to two poles of influence, a hierarchical, the other functional. Tomorrow we will go towards a multi-management. In addition to connecting the two poles mentioned above, all the paintings belong to a group-project of more or less long, multi-disciplinary project teams, which will be entrusted with a mission to accomplish, with the technical resources, intellectual and time. ACCESSION TO PARTICIPATE The leaders are not prepared for this style of command. They are aware of the fact that the classical way of giving orders is obsolete, but have not yet learned to give instructions so that, on the one hand, attitudes are understood perfectly, and, secondly, that meet most of membership participation by persons who receive them. The manager today must be a real entertainer, he must give encouragement and guidance to boost intelligence, creativity and energy of employees because they use their resources and focalizzino in the right direction. Typical of this, the creative work. The new rules of the game, the manager gives the basic references and outlines the criteria for success. Employees bring their claims against their intuition, they use their resources, expertise and imagination, individually and in groups to propose and then implement new ideas relevant and effective. BECOME A Creative Animation The need for the manager, to become a creative soul, is meeting a growing need of the staff not to be reduced to the simple role of performer. This means that employees must be able to give, as often as possible, a contribution to defining the tasks and processes that is being offered. To avoid such frustration that the rebellion discovery or larvae, it is important that the manager should draw up a rule of the game and send the staff of the mental tools that allow them to practice it, what you see already in some organizations achieve peak. So, how to help the manager or the person to play this role? CREATIVITY ‘, A NEW METHOD FOR SPEECH Those responsible will have to learn a grid of rea-ture of human behavior, making them aware of the fact that pure rationality leads to irrationality. The human being is not only the left hemisphere of the brain is totally dedicated to the collection of objective facts and their interpretations of deductive, but also of the right sensitivity, emotions. In addition, the individual, each individual has values as well. The result is the same process of thought, the result of an interaction between the various parts of the ego. The executive and managers have an incentive to learn, to understand its operation and that of others. They also need to discover the complexity and richness of communication, to find the sources of human energy and the means do not block or squandered, and the techniques and attitudes that can unlock and develop. Should also become a consistent pattern. In conclusion, the key idea for a new style of soul-tion goes through the importance attached by those who have responsibility for directing the establishment of conditions to facilitate the use of creativity for all and forever. This is the price that the organizations of the 2000s have to pay to become more innovative. Firstly, advise the executive and the leaders to commit their personal responsibility, knowing that an innovative behavior does not occur spontaneously and that he will need to encourage by word and deed the creative behavior of subordinates. You have to recognize individual differences and discern the potential of each to make them understand the tasks and objectives to be achieved. This will ensure that promotes individual responsibility and maturity of each. If people have the impression that we have or have little control over their environment, develop behavior passive, conformist and immature. Managers must ensure that innovative ideas are trans-stopped at the highest level possible and must not ignore the feedback., With reasonably challenging goals, making the tasks that foster a sense of personal and professional growth of people with whom they work. The notion of creation is very important. Managers will also need to establish a healthy attitude to failure in the face, and viewing it as an opportunity to learn. WORK AND TRAINING The dilemma today is to grow up culturally or perish. This is also true for organizations. We are emerging from a myth that has already cost us dearly, that training and education is something that relates to childhood and adolescence and the adult in the true sense of the word, it means arriving at the end of growth. Large schools and diplomas have done nothing but reinforce this myth and today it is not unusual to see managers or executives who believe that the register for a training seminar corresponds to confess their imperfection. The concept of lifelong learning was originally developed for others. Its exponential growth is a good thing, not only for the training institutions. But at the same time, appear the limits: the amount of new knowledge must be acquired to combat what has been called the explosion of ignorance, the need to learn the techniques of direction, of update and supplement, causes some futurists have already provided the framework of the date on which each will spend more time to build than to produce. What is manifestly unacceptable, but would be ineffective. Training, as conceived and practiced today, he enrolled in a sequential pattern of Taylorist: Job formed or me. The seminar is presented here as a teacher in the brackets we will charge before returning to productive tasks. Surely this parenthesis is extremely useful and will remain indispensable for de-term effects of rapid change and intense at the same time we see the opportunity and the need not to create a clear divide between the moment when you learn what and where acts. In fact, in a normal working week, there are many opportunities to learn. As we take some of them and let slip the other: hence the new concept of lifelong learning. The mere maintenance of our body in good working order is a consequence of constant learning. Recent neurophysiological studies have shown that the equilibrium does not exist. Either we develop and grow, or we shrink and there crumpled, in a nutshell age. REINVENTING THE WORK THROUGH CREATIVITY ‘AND PLEASURE Recworking The term was invented during an international congress of sociology of work, from work and recreation. Attendees came to the unanimous conclusion that, tomorrow, the bulk of the work will be done by machines and robots, the human part of the work itself can not be taken if not lead to an intrinsic content of play, fun and pleasure. It has not yet found a translation that returns a good idea of the term reckworking: lavogodere is an acceptable equivalent, but not entirely satisfactory. One can also imagine the word work, or recreational giocavare. One could distinguish three periods in the man-work. • The first time was that of duty, work was an obligation not only to survive but also moral, which gave to its author, even a certain respectability and sanctity; • The second period saw the prevailing regime of the contract: the individual talent and exchanging expertise in change of status and remuneration. The old values of identification with the company, overtime and practices to take home at the weekend, looked like things of the past; • The third period corresponds to the economic crisis and the irresistible rise of Japan, which led to a rediscovery of the values, as opposed to a strong need to achieve through work. It is not, in fact, just a hedonistic pleasure of consumption, but a legitimate pleasure from its alignment with organizational values. HUMANISM IN THE COMPANY In a rapidly changing world blowing up valid points of reference, there is a need to rediscover those values which are, as ever, a certainty in life everyday. The revaluation of the personal and intimate is the most useful thing to do and that, as regards the corporate world, identifies the so-called Humanism business? The assets of a company is, of course, made up primarily of those people who decide to commit themselves to share and make their business vision and daring. Job descriptions, job description and so often lead company employees to feel unmotivated and considered. Humanism company pushes the definition of new systems able to give weight and value not only to its economic, but also other variables such as work environment, the business climate, staff development and quality of life. Employees need to feel the company made, challenges and recognition of their contribution. You are no longer looking for honest wages for honest days of work, but rather aims to opportunities that allow visitors to enjoy a great work.



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