Corporate Identity

11 febbraio 2011 § Lascia un commento

Each company in its operations continuously and durable weaves a “spider web” indivisible and interdependent between things that meet and the things that do not touch. We can assimilate figured the company to a village consisting of a collection of houses around the tower with the church and town hall, the streets and fields, but also a more radical measure, such as the values, traditions and customs that over time have matured in the components of the village and the firm in fact. The relationship between “the players in the business” in the management of work (for goods and affections) evolve on the basis of real values defined by the Leader by example, the definition of and respect the mission and vision of the company include references to key the conduct of all activities. If we accept the definition of “image” as the appearance of the objects perceived through the sense of “subjective” vision and “brand” a specific sign or symbol – the original that distinguishes a product or service made by the company to distinguish it from other similar We understand that the combination of both defines the “identity” of the perceived. The image that identifies the brand is built through actions, attitudes and behaviors in the supply chain “business – the market” that “law-sense” the specific identity, the image is in fact the “manifesto” in which the firm forward it to market its “character” through the efforts of respect for the values part of its mission. E ‘of the actors must have the will and the possibility to check periodically (with honest awareness) that the conduct and actions are consistent with the objectives outlined in the case should apply any necessary corrective measures for the maintenance of the route. How do you test? Just by looking at it fairly, and honestly the behavior and actions towards the market and the company itself to wondering if what is happening meets market expectations – the customer (trying to put ourselves in the same customer – market) A few months ago, visiting a major Italian manufacturer of sports cars, we wondered why we were in the field machining of the engine components of the cars on display were built by the same manufacturer, the demand for our business managers they said that the people who work in this area do not have the opportunity to see the finished product out of the assembly line and it is therefore necessary that these people are aware that the what is produced is an important component of the product in fact reinforcing the sense of belonging to the company. The mark usually consists of an icon or graphic image with specific colors, must recur across the board – perceptual and repetitive through the consistent use of colors, graphics (style – characters – fonts etc..) Within which all ‘outside the company continually identifying and attracting a positive corporate image; Repeated use of corporate colors, and graphics of the brand is the most immediate could be used to renew a sense of belonging to the company recognizing an active, positive and distinguishing themselves in global business. Especially in trade shows, in illustrative documentation, administrative documents (letterhead – business cards etc..) Is very important to reproduce colors and brands in order to confirm the specific and distinctive company image To better manage the use of the graphic image is useful to gather all the information (RAL / Pantone color – Font of characters composing the mark and the words – in combination ‘use of color-scale size, etc..) In a “graphic manual “that must be continually consulted and updated with the inclusion of studies – pictures and all that concerns the evolution of the corporate image.



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