True Change or Fake Change

18 Maggio 2016 § Lascia un commento

Right now there is a common method well know as LEAN, and so many talk about that is a system able to change the companies….i can say that it depend from different element introduced; it’s true that the LEAN APPROACH are able to trasform in better the companies, but it’s true as well that if we do not use the right tools, the right person, the right support the result is FAKE.

But how many really know what it means? how many have really applicate the system and applied over and over again?  who are able to deeply understand the meaning of this METHOD or as I like to call PHILOSOPHY?

First, I want to highlight the fact that everyone is talking constantly of LEAN PRODUCTION, while we should talk about LEAN ORGANIZATION, the production is only a part of  it, and often it’s only a smallest part of the waste of the company, the question is…what’s happend before?

Today, the companies do not need only application of the method, or only training session in the room, or just technical feat., but they need people able to show a different vision, able to offer different overview of the way to follow.

This info can coming only  from different experiences, but with technical basis ( I don’t speak of mechanical engineer, accounting, lawyer .. ..) are able to give a concrete support based on “numbers”(data) and demonstrations that the actions and the change can be done, and why not this person should be able to “play the game” and take the necessary responsibility.

Why I write this?  Because right now, there’s a real need to change, to follow the rhythm of the World; I like to use this sentence:

It’s necessary to change as fast as the World change

Based on this senteces we cannot make mistakes or waste too much time to test different ways, but we need define clear improvement plan, follow it and check periodically if we collect positive results, the risk is:

  • Lose time
  • Lose confidence
  • Lose Positive approach
  • Lose Money
  • Lose market

Well, continuous improvement WORKS, and it works in working life and in personal life, we need to use ALL the correct ingredients not only an easiest, trivial  analysis and development of the process … there is much more then that; there’s:

  • Customer
  • People
  • Process
  • Product/Service


We must give to the customer, what they need, when they need with the right quality and price with a Team of persons involved to develop a perfect product/Service with a smooth and correct process.

Live the Change, live the improvement, bring it with you, and you will live the best experience of your life.

Giuseppe Ravazzolo



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