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8 gennaio 2016 § Lascia un commento

fidelity card CLC

Which the best way to improve your business?

How you develop new contacts?

How you develop your Knowledge?

Several years ago, we have discuss about the matter above and the answer was..create a “place” and a new way to meet persons.

During 2015 we have decide to start to create this “place” and we have create C-level Club;

C-Level Club is not a traditional event or meeting, but is a special end exclusive moment reserved for selected people and upon invitation only.

Knowing and experiencing a joined and cooperative comparison with characters of great culture and both national and international fame, the whole being fulfilled with the exclusive and refined locations, which will host the event, give amusement and fire up interests and passion.

C-Level Club is knowledge.

A unique and exclusive gathering to get back towards the creation of valuable relationships for developing Business activities, sharing experiences, and enhancing awareness and knowledge.

C-Level Club is sharing.

Every opinion, thought or experience is shared and discussed together in order to grow up and learn at debates. Relationships are established thanks to monthly meetings led by a moderator or a top class annual meeting providing the intervention of high prominence characters.

C-Level Club is also amusement.

Unforgettable stays in hotel structures of excellent level with luxury services at the guest’s complete disposal: golf, shopping, fitness, restaurants, spa&wellness, to be able to taste the delight of passions.

Welcome to C-level Club



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