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Vi vorrei sottoporre un articolo che ho trovato in giro per il web, ma che ritengo l’ennesima conferma che la lean, per quanto concedetemi “sputtanata” da persone che ne utilizzano il termine solo per proporsi e vendere ma alla lunga senza dare risultati concreti…
non bastano i metodi, non esistono ricette, sono le persone che fanno la differenza attraverso il giusto metodo ma guidati da persone che credono in quello che fanno e che non svolgono il loro lavoro per business ma per dare il meglio
Buona Lettura…e come al solito attendo commenti

Just because lean production was made popular almost 100 years ago does not mean that it is any less relevant in today’s modern business world. This strategy is still widely studied and widely sought after by businesses and industries all around the world.

The goal for lean is straight forward: reduce the amount of waste to increase production and profit. However, this strategy must be driven by the business’ employees. In order for this to happen, they have to possess pride in their work and be encouraged to talk about the problems they are encountering. Communication is key in the working environment. It enables issues to be addressed and down time to be reduced.

Every single business can benefit from lean, because the aim is to completely eliminate waste. Waste does not mean garbage, instead it could be an unnecessary production step or a disorganized work space. The goal is to take the current production flow and streamline it by removing the waste. For a business, waste can cost a lot of money and can cause down time. With a better production flow, an increased level of output will lead to a larger profit.

In theory, the idea of lean is relatively easy to grasp. But the steps that must be taken to implement it require a great deal of consistency, otherwise it will not work. It is very important the employees feel empowered and proud of the work that perform. Employees with a high level of job satisfaction will offer more output.

The key is to ensure that the business does not revert back to its old production methods. This can be achieved with regular reviews of the production flow. Any problems must be addressed immediately and changes must be made. This will lead to higher levels of production, less waste and more income.



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